About Us

The team behind “the Greenland Store” has a great love for the country we live in, and we have many years of experience in telling the rest of the world about Greenland.


Greenlandic design, crafts, art and fashion are of great interest to us, and for several years we have had “Greenland Fashion – Fashion in Greenland” a Facebook page with followers from all over the world.

Here, people have often asked where they can buy what they see. That is why we have now created greenlandstore.gl so that people around the world have the opportunity to order Greenlandic designs, clothes, souvenirs and much more.



Although Arctic Greenland is far from the rest of the world, the country has in many ways fallen victim to climate change, with less sea ice in winter and faster melting from the ice sheet. Both have had a major impact on our traditional fishing and fishing profession.


That is why it is important for greenlandstore.gl that as many of our products as possible. In addition, we have chosen the least possible carbon consumption so that we produce some of the Greenlandic designs close to the customers, instead of first sending the products to Greenland, and then sending them back to the world.



It is a big goal for us to promote Greenlandic design and thereby help to create a livelihood for more people in Greenland.


We aim to leave the least possible carbon footprint and ensure sustainable production where possible without unnecessary transport.


We work to meet the UN’s global goals for sustainable development, and to help the individual destinations get an EarthCheck certification, so we can ensure Greenland is an economically sound, clean, safe and healthy destination for travelers to visit, and for us who lives and works here.


We hope you enjoy our site


The Greenland Store Team