Handmade Multicolor Necklace

350 DKK


Unique handmade multicolor necklace. It is inspired by a Greenlandic National costume.

Greenland beaded necklace called NUILARMIUT (in Greenlandic) is a part of  Greenlandic National clothes for women.  Before beads were fashioned from bone but in the 17 and 18th centuries, Europeans brought glass beads to trade. Since when they got more popular and become part of Greenlandic national costume.

Handmade by Kulukis perle- Elizabeth Budek.

Size: Necklace 43cm long.

About the necklace: Handmade from beaded (also called pearls).

Please note this necklace is handmade by order. In this way, no stock or unnecessary waste is created. Therefore order could take longer to send.



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