Unique Personal Journal with Your notes from Greenland

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Today, most people have their ‘diary’ online on social media or a blog. But with an old-fashioned notebook, you have the opportunity to write or draw something that only you see. Make your own offline history and notes from Greenland. Or use it as a travel diary, wedding planner, to-do list, novel draft, art sketch, or personal doodles…

A perfect and special gift, with a unique pattern inspired by the Greenlandic National Outfit, made by Greenlandic designer Maria Kreutzmann. 

Hardcover with a wraparound high-quality print to carry whit you. 

.: 128 blank single pages
.: Case wrap binding 

Width, cm 1.6
Length, cm 12.7
Height, cm 18.4



Greenlandic designer, artist, and author Maria B. Kreutzmann's universe which originates from mythology, nature, and life in Greenland.

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