Map of Qoornoq

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Detailed physical map of central Nuup Kangerlua (Nuuk Fjord) and the popular destination, Qoornoq.  Highlights illustrated in the map are Qeqertarsuaq (Storø), northeast of Qoornup Qeqertarsuaq, Itersaarsuk peninsula,and mountains of Narsarsuaq, Kangaarsuk and Tinupaneq.

The map is ideal for tourists and locals looking to take advantage of the outdoor opportunities Nuuk Fjord and the abandoned settlement of Qoornoq has to offer. Qoornoq is today one of Nuuk’s most popular destinations for weekend getaways and recreational activities.

The product comes in two editions: a flat map and a folded and cased map. Please note, that the images are guiding and do not reflect the maps actual colours.

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Flat Map, Folded & Cased Map


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