Men's Great Greenland Logo Tee

500 DKK



Minimalistic Great Greenland logo tee from Savvy Copenhagen collab. High-quality fairtrade organic, sustainable and responsible cotton tee.

The t-shirt is an outcome of the collab between Savvy Copenhagen and Great Greenland. Savvy provides the 100% sustainable and organic fairtrade cotton t-shirt, and Great Greenland delivers the logo for you to dress responsibly, sustainably and organic.

The minimalistic expression of the t-shirt delivers a wardrobe essential to your daily wear, with the extra touch of the modern Great Greenland logo.

Product details:

  • 100 % sustainable, organic and fairtrade Indian cotton
  • Short sleeves
  • Loose fit


Great Greenland

Great Greenland skin products from seals, reindeer and musk oxen, which are NOT endangered species. Hunted sustainably in Greenland. Trade approved by the EU (European Union).

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