Pilu Seal Skin Headband

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Keep your ears warm and sweep your hair back in the Pilu Headband from Great Greenland. Made from 100 % sustainably sourced sealskin and lined with a non-itch material.

Sealskin is known for its great water-repellent and isolating properties,  which justifies the sealskin as an ideal headband for protecting against cold and wind.

Every headband is unique, as the sealskin variates in both patterns and colour.

By buying this product, you support sustainable Inuit hunting. All sealskin used in Great Greenland products originates from the Greenlandic coast and are sourced by Inuit hunters. All Greenlandic skins comply with EU legislation and are the only seal skins approved for sale, production, and import in the EU.

Product details:

  • Unisex
  • 100 % sustainably sourced sealskin
  • Sourced, tanned and produced in Greenland

Size details:

  • Small: 55 cm + 2 cm
  • Medium: 56 cm + 2 cm
  • Large: 57 cm + 3 cm


Great Greenland

Great Greenland skin products from seals, reindeer and musk oxen, which are NOT endangered species. Hunted sustainably in Greenland. Trade approved by the EU (European Union).

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