The Greenlandic Hat

2,350 DKK


Elevate up your winter attire with the Greenlandic Hat, from Great Greenland. The trapper captures to the Greenlandic culture, that has been formed by the constants struggles with nature, through its function. An ideal headwear for winter, as the hat easily catches the snow falling from the sky with its trim and protects against cold temperatures with it sealskin flaps.

This trapper model is made from 100 % sustainably sourced sealskin and is trimmed with Finn racoon. The hat is equipped with two laces attached to the ear flaps for extra comfort in case of wind. The fringe can be buttoned down and up. The trapper is equipped with an elastic band so that the hat can easily be adjusted to your head size and comfort.

By buying this product you support EU approved sustainable Inuit hunting. All sealskin used in Great Greenland products originates from the Greenlandic coast and are caught by Inuit hunters. All Greenlandic skins comply with EU legislation and are the only seal skins approved for sale, production, and import in the EU.

Product details:

  • 100 % sustainable sourced sealskin
  • Finn racoon
  • Elastic band to adjust the size
  • Adjustable trim
  • Every product is unique, pattern and colour varies
  • Unisex


Great Greenland

Great Greenland skin products from seals, reindeer and musk oxen, which are NOT endangered species. Hunted sustainably in Greenland. Trade approved by the EU (European Union).


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